Monday, November 11, 2013

DREAMING of Being a Songwriter....

"I'll always remember the first day I said, I-love-you, and the look in your eyes...You held me in your arms and said that you had loved me too and caught me by surprise...."

This priceless piece of lyrical genius was written by me when I ...was about thirteen years old and obviously didn't know a thing about love. Maybe that's why all the songs I wrote in the 80's sounded like watered-down but longing to be Luther Vandross lyrics.
In the nineties, I DREAMED, DREAMED, DREAMED of being a songwriter and because I had acquired some life experience my lyrics did improve:

"My box plays music. You alone have the key. You can unlock it and enjoy my melody." Yes, saucy and risqué BUT metaphorical and melodic. Heyyyy!
I have been planning all along for a FULL music soundtrack of nineties style music for LOVE CHANGES, which is set in 1995. For now, please take a listen "Baby You're the Only One 4 Me," which has been released through Earthatone Music on iTunes and

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