Friday, December 4, 2015

Nada es Imposible

When I was a little girl, I went to a bilingual kindergarten by the name of El Coqui. The holiday plays would be in Spanish, and not being able to speak much Spanish (I could already count to 10), I wasn't able to participate.

In high school, though, Spanish was my language of choice. I did so well that I took many of my elective classes in Spanish on a college level and even tutored. Still, I had felt my grasp of the language was not quite there. Although I could read it and write it well, I'd always found when native speakers spoke naturally, that was just too fast for me to catch on.

Recently, I was on a line at department store. And two Latinas were talking, complaining the shoes were overpriced and much cheaper somewhere else. One said to the other, you can do what you want but she herself, wasn't going to buy another single thing in that overpriced store, she was tired, and she was going home now, even if she had to leave her friend there standing in line.

And get this...the whole exchange was in Spanish...and I understood almost every word.
Y pienso que yo puedo entender mas. Si me quiero. Nada es imposible.