Thursday, December 4, 2014

Creative Gift Ideas for Kwanzaa....

When my children were in elementary school, they attended a great school, a neighborhood Catholic school. With two children in attendance this was just barely (if at all) within my budget. But because it was so important for me to ensure that they attended this great school, I had to find creative ways to cut corners. This gift idea was one such creative solution....

I forget what exact gift giving occasion it was, for arguments sake, let's say it was Kwanzaa. Rather than go out and buy something, I grabbed a pack of plain loose-leaf paper that we already had at home. Here is what I did next...

1. On Microsoft Publisher, I formatted a page design, sized to the exact specifications of the loose-leaf. Next;
2. I inserted a graphic (my daughter's favorite character) at the top of the page, along with a caption that was personalized with her name and selected to motivate her to get better grades. Next;
3. I fed the loose-leaf paper through the printer, allowing the design to PRINT in the heading space of the page. And then;
4. I placed Personalized Loose-leaf Paper in a folder.


This personalized paper made my daughter (and later my son) The Hit of the class and I was soon receiving requests from her classmates.

How unique is that?

Money Investment: $2-4
Time Investment: 15-20 minutes