Thursday, December 12, 2013


Originally Chocolate Love started off as some corny, clichéd, redundant, extension of its precursor. But then, one day I saw a post for a 100-word writing competition. I did not win the competition but that entry sparked a new and improved beginning for the sequel from Romell's  perspective instead of Mia's.

Here is the EXACTLY-100-Word-Entry that spark the new Chocolate Love:

My name is Romell Ulysses Goodwin. Now, where do I begin? The odor was like Listerine. When I wasn’t holding my breath, I was using it to warm my hands. Whoever controlled the thermostat was hell bent on making this experience as unpleasant as possible. Hospitals, I associate them with death and disease. Why not see a doctor in private practice? My mom didn’t have that option. Thank her HMO. I kept my complaints to myself, but my alternative was to torture myself with worst-case scenarios.  Mom sat quietly on the examination table, her hospital gown “opened to the front.”

This new beginning presented fresh angle and a stronger voice, also presented a challenge for me to prove that I am a “real writer” by stepping into the skin of a character that is nothing like me.

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