Tuesday, December 17, 2013

HOW TO: Critiquing Other Writers

We all have our own sense of style and personal taste. Some of us dress in flavors, while others, neutrals. It is the same with writers, our individuality is what makes our craftwork unique. So sometimes, when I offer feedback to writers, I am a little reluctant to give the Full-Monte. I am careful because I know how sensitive we writers are.

With writers, constructive criticism can feel like...well,
a personal attack. I am open to listen to each and every suggestion whether I accept it or not, because I realize someone has to care enough to offer their honest opinion. But I realize that not every writer is in this place of acceptance, so I ALWAYS make sure the feedback I offer is from the heart, before I add my really chic scarf to someone else's ensemble....After all, it is still THEIR vision.

Tread carefully. Offer suggestions that are sandwiched between what you observe to be the strengths of the work...because the worst feedback is non at all.

And to quote one of my favorite authors, Mr.
Chris Abani. Every writer needs to two friends. 1. Who absolutely adores everything they put on the page. 2. And another who won't hesitate to tell them the work could stand improvement and WILL pinpoint those areas.

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