Sunday, August 17, 2014


  I was an only child until I was an adult. Not always having someone to play with or argue with was near perfect breeding ground for a vivid, creative imagination, as well as becoming resourceful and self-reliant.

 Since injuring my finger back in January, I have had to slow down to a degree, say no to a few of the projects I would have loved to take on, and say yes to the friends and family who have been screaming the same thing at me, "I am here! Hello! Let me help you! You don't have to do it all yourself." 

 I realize that the energy and effort that I have put out into the atmosphere has come back. Or as my Romell character says in LOVE CHANGES, "Respect is like a boomerang. Give it, and it will come back to you eventually."

 So now, this independent, efficient, self-sufficient, uber-responsible, Super-duppa Octopus (with a wounded tentacle), kindly and graciously accepts. I do not have to be a one-man-army. I am a queen. And this queen says, "Yes, please. And thank you!"

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