Sunday, August 17, 2014

Advice From My SHERO....

One of my literary SHEROs gave me this piece of advice after I completed my third draft of Love Changes and was "done." She said to me, "Be sure to make time to 'not write'."

At the time, I was like "huh." But, I SO understand what she means now. Crafting a novel takes focus that is consuming and almost compulsive. Serious writers are always writing, forever students of life, always observing, r
cording, jotting notes, even when we are supposed to be "relaxing." Because we consider everything "grist for the mill," life itself can turn into research for our next project. But life is life, meant to be experienced and enjoyed just because we are blessed...and can breathe.

I realize this, because I have spent plenty of time lately "not writing." Now, back to the drawing board....

Chocolate Love Coming May 2015.

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