Sunday, June 15, 2014

MY FATHER'S JEWELRY BOX - Another Odd Lesson

     I remember one year, for argument's sake let's say it was Father's Day (but it may have actually been Christmas...I don't exactly recall. I was around 12 years old). But I remember my father had expensive taste and for this occasion, I wanted to get him something that he would buy for himself. I searched high and low until I saw a jewel box, a wooden jewelry box with an antique car on top. THAT WAS IT. I had to get this for my father.
     I bought it and wrapped it and couldn't wait to see the expression on his face. To me, this was the perfect gift and I had already preselected the perfect spot for it, right atop his dresser. This jewelry box just so happened to be the perfectly matching grain of wood. 

     When I gave it to my father, he unwrapped it and said, "Oh wow! This is nice!"
      I said, "You like it, for real?"
      He said, "I love it!"
      But then he walked into the living room over to his bar that was chrome and had black smoked glass, and sat it on top.
      Now upset, I said, "What did you do that for? It goes on the dresser! I bought it to match your dresser!"
      He said, "It belongs on the bar."
      I said, "No it doesn't! It's a jewelry box!"
      He said, "This is not a jewelry box! They're coasters!" He then opened the drawers and showed me they had no depth, but were embedded with cork disks.

...And such is the depth of the daddy-daughter dynamic!
What does this look like to you?




Tumika Patrice Cain said...

With the drawers in it certainly does look like a jewelry box. Lol. He could have humored you, but then he wouldn't have been functioning as the dad you knew and loved so much.

Earthatone said...

Yeah, you are SO right! :)